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Our ranking of the best summer tires of 2022

Our team of experts wants to offer you the best tire options this summer. We combined the results of several analyses, comparisons, road tests and other criteria to present you with the tires that stand out from the rest.

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Top 7 summer tires for automobiles

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Top 5 summer tires for trucks/SUVs

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Summer tires are for performance, safety and durability!

Manufactured with harder materials that soften in the heat, summer tires have a minimalistic tread that grips dry pavement more solidly and evacuates water as well. These properties mean summer tires have a larger surface that is in contact with the road, thus improving traction and driving safety. What differentiates a good summer tire from a lower quality one? A quality tire offers increased driving comfort: less tire noise, better traction, gas saving and a safe braking distance.

To help you make your choice, our experts have worked hard to identify the best tires available.

We ranked our summer tires according to a score based on a number of indices. Every brand of tire has been tested according to varying road conditions:

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